Thoughts rally us around, sometimes in circles, other times in a whirlpool. The mind runs away from us, with thoughts that we have no control of. We over think, over analyse, interpreting words and actions in our mind.
I am guilty of this sometimes too often, finding myself drowning in my thoughts, feeling listless and captive, praying for the day to end, the thoughts to stop.
As i searched for a poem that inspired me for this weeks blog, I found this one by Javed Akhtar. At first i thought it was sending me the message to give up, to stop thinking, but after 6 reads i felt it was simply asking me to trust in the unthinkable….to not over think.
I am fortunate to have some very good listeners around me, always lending me a ear, listening to my thoughts, to the stories and ideas that emerge from inside. At the end of the poem he says ” keh dena beet gaya milne ka mausam”……it made me realize how fortunate that the mausam for ‘us’ has not yet ended….that you still listen to my thoughts….like you the reader just now!

Ao, Aur Na Socho
From the book Tarkash (Quiver) by Javed Akhtar


Aur n socho
Soch ke kya paoge
Jitna bhi samjhe ho
Utna pachtae ho
Jitna bhi samjhoge
Utna pachtaoge
Aur n socho
Soch ke kya paoge

Come now
And do not think
What will you gain by thinking?
All that you have understood
You have regretted.
All that you will understand
You will regret.
Come now
And do not think.
What will you gain from thinking?

Tum ehsas ki jis manzil par ab pohche ho
Woh meri dekhi- bhali hai
Jaane bhi do
Iska kab tak soog manana
Yeh duniya
Andar se itni kyu kaali hai

The level of feeling you have not attained
This is in my care.
Let in go
How long will you grieve
Why this world
is so vile on the inside

Kuch ab jeene ka samaan kare hum
Sach ke haatoan
Hamne jo mushkil paayi hai
Jhoot ke haathoan
Woh mushkil aasaan kare hum

Come now
Let us find some way to live,
The problems given to us by truth,
Let us make them easier
With lies.

Tum meri aakhoan mein aankhen dalke dekho
Phir mein tumse
Saari jhoti kasme khaon
Phir tum woh saari jhoti baatein dohrao
Joh sabko acchi lagti hai

Look at me, look into my eyes
Then i shall swear to you all my false oaths,
And you will repeat all those false words,
Which everybody loves

Wafa karne ki baatein
Jeene ki marne ki baatein
Hum dono
Yun waqt guzaare
Mein tumko kuch khwab dikhaon
Tum mujhko kuch khwab dikhaon

Protestations that we would
Live and die together,
Let us, you and i together,
Spend our time in this way
I’ll show you some dreams,
Then you can show me some dreams,

koi taabeer nahi ho
Jitne din yeh mel rahega
Dekho accha khel rahega
Aur kabhi dil bhar jaye toh
Keh dena tum
Beet gaya milne ka mausam

Have no interpretation.
And as long as we meet,
Oh, the game will be sweet!
And when you become disenchanted,
‘The time of our meeting is over’.

Aur na socho
Soch ke kya paoge.

Come now
And do not think.
What will you gain from thinking?

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