When I will look back on his post, after an evening spent with friends and family, drowned in their stories, jaw hurting from all the laughter, I will be reminded of the days I spent by myself. Thinking , contemplating, reading or day-dreaming.
The poem encapsulates the feeling when they were not around, when I had the entire house to myself, no co-passenger in my car, sharing a meal with the television, listening to the incessant radio that fills the void.
These words remind me then, to cherish them more..and listen more intently to even the most hair brained ideas, silliest of tales and simply bask in the warmth of their presence.

Sab Kuch Waise hi Chalta hai
By Gulzar


Sab kuch waise hi chalta hai
Jese chalta tha jab tum thi
Raat bhi waise hi sar moonde aati hai
Din waise hi aankhen malta jaagta hai
Taare saari raat jammaeyan lete hai
Sab kuch waise hi chalta hai, jaise chalta tha jab tum thi

Everything goes on, exactly as it used to
When you were there:
The night still comes with its head drooping
The day too dawns still rubbing its eyes
All the night stars yawn
Everything goes on exactly as it used to
When you were there.

Kaash tumhare jaane par
Kuch fark to padta jeene mein
Pyaas na lagti paani ki ya nakhun badhna band ho jaate
Baal hawa mein na udhte ya dhuaa nikalta saanson se
Sab kuch waise hi chalta hai……..

I wish after you had left
Something would have changed in my life
I would not feel thirst, or my nails would stop growing
My hair would no longer fly in the wind
Or smoke would come out of my nostrils
But, everything goes on as before

Bas itna fark padha hai meri raaton mein
Neend nahi aati, toh ab soone ke liye
Ek neend ki gooli rooz nigalni padhti hai

Only there is a change in my nights:
I cannot sleep, and to do so,
I have to swallow a sleeping tablet daily!

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