Visual Imagery

One of the reasons for starting this blog was also to start writing my own poetry. In the humdrum of life as i continue to devour literature and movies in english, I sometimes feel poetry has been forcefully buried deep within. After I failed to come up with a decent line of poetry at a recent late night sojourn with friends. I woke up at 2 am with these words clear in my head. All I had was a visual and the words simply flowed.
Not even close to the masters that i have been writing about and their verses, yet it is my humble attempt. Hope the words keep flowing.


Woh Nazaara

Ek sham ghar laute
Samandar ke kinare
Tumhe hathon mein haath liye
Sadak ke kinare
Akele bench pe Bethe dekha tha maine

One evening returning home
Near the water front
With your hands entwined
Right beside the road
I saw you sitting on a lonely bench

Suraj ki dhalti kirne
Thandi Samandari hawaaen
Tera akelapan teri pareshaniyan
Door se apni gaadi mein bethe
mehsoos ki thi maine

The fading light of the evening sun
Cool sea breezes
Your loneliness your troubles
Siting in my car
I felt them from afar

Andhera ghana hota gaya
Tere mud ke dekhne ka intezar
Mein karta raha
Signal par batti ne hara ishara dekhaya
Aur mein woh nazaara aankhon mein liye
Ghar laut gaya

As the darkness kept getting thicker
I kept waiting for you to turn around
And look
The light went green at the signal
Holding that visual in my eyes
I simply returned home

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