Kairos: in Greek literally means when ‘the time is right’.
What time in the day is your most desired? The quiet moments between sleep and consciousness when you first hear the morning sounds around you or the dead of night when everything has slowed down, and the sound of the cold breeze keeps you ablaze. That time in the morning when you have your first cup of coffee, sitting in your favorite chair waiting for the day to begin or when you look up into the sky and see the birds flying back home?
I don’t consider myself to be a morning person, especially during the cold winter mornings, when I ask myself why I signed up for that morning yoga class or the trek outdoors. I promise myself that tomorrow morning I will sleep in late, regardless that it is Monday morning, the beginning of the week. That ‘time’ in the morning is just not for me…or so I thought.
As do all new challenges go, our fortnightly cycling expeditions have bought with them a few delightful surprises. That first long ride, when I saw the sunrise sitting on Shelby( yes, thats what the cycle is called), it made 5 am wake up calls worth it.
Here’s an ode to savera……. DAWN

Savere Savere By Kaifi Azmi


Na pucho woh kis tareh aa kar sidhari
Meri saari hasti par aa kar sidhari

woh pichla pehar, woh judaai ka lamha
savere-savere rula kar sidhari

Don’t ask how it arrived
My entire entity it suffused as it arrived
That last moment in time, that moment of separation
Morning cried as it arrived

kharaman-kharaman pasheman-pasheman
Khud apne se bhi chup-chupakar sidhari

samete gayi chandini baam-o-dar se
sehar ko shab-e-gham banakar sidhari

Loungingly, abhashedly
Hiding even from itself it arrived
With the moonlight collected from roofs and doors
It infused the grief of last night into the morning as it arrived.

nikal jaye jis tarah gunche se khushboo
yunhi mera pehlu basakar sidhari

mehakti hue shab ke rango zamane
pareshan latoon se chupakar sidhari

Just like the fragrance that escapes from a bud
It inhabited the flank of my body as it arrived
Incensed moonlight and their colored times
Hidden in unkempt tresses it arrived

woh palko ki masti, woh nazroan ki masti
unhi mastiyon mein nahakar sidhari

thaki si woh angrha-eeyan, woh jamaee
sambhalkar oothi, lad-khadha-kar sidhari

That mischief in those eyelashes, That mischief in those eyes
Bathed in that same mischief it arrived
Those tired pandiculations, those yawns
Carefully it woke up, staggeringly it arrived

woh nikhri hui sar-o-aareez ki rangat
gulabi gulabi pilakar sidhari

abhi tak meri ungliyaan kaapti hai
jidhar who nigayein jhukakar sidhari

nazar ooth hi jaati hai us simt ‘kaifi’
kuch is tarah daaman chudakar sidhari

That glowing colors of the cheek
A pink glow it made me drink, as it arrived
Even now my fingers tremble
Wherever it bowed down its eyes as it arrived
The eyes of Kaifi look in its direction
As it unclenched from my lap and dawned

The image on this post is of the sunrise at Angok Wat, which we were lucky to witness after a painful 4 30 am wake up call. But the view and the serenity of course made up for it!


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