I have always wondered about companionship in a somewhat cynical way. Most relationships for me are like diving in to dark waters wondering what lies beneath. The fast paced times we live in, with the added thrill of ‘smart phones’, calendars and reminders, there is additional pressure on the thin strings that hold our relationships. And yet we believe in soul mates, shed a tear when estranged lovers unite or when unrequited love dies a slow death.
Polpular cinema, books with iconic characters and songs that tug on our heart strings, make us believe in that someone who will be our Albatross.
Very few animal and bird species mate for life, among these, the Albatross birds meet, court and form bonds that result in many offsprings, year after year, until one of the pair dies. Ironically ‘albatross’ is also metaphorically used to mean a psychological burden that feels like a curse.
My poem for this week, is by Javed Akhtar written for his companion, bringing out the fast paced times we live in and the feeling of going back home to that one person who knows without being told, understands us without having to say it and is always there.  To happy glorified endings…….

yeh aaye din ke hungame
yeh jab dekho safar karna
yahan jaana-wahan jaana
isse milna usse milna
hamare saare lamhe
aise lagte hai
ke jese train ke chalne se pehle
railway stationoan par
jaldi-jaldi apne dabbe dhundhate
koye musafir ho
jinhe kabh saans bhi lene ki mohlat hai

These everyday upheavals
Traveling every other day
Going here, going there
Meeting this person, meeting that person
All our moments
they feel like
before the train leaves
at railway stations
hustling and busting looking for our compartments
we are but travellers
without a moment to spare even to breathe

Kabhi lagta hai
tumko mujhese mujhko tumse milne ka
khyal aaye
kahan itni bhi fursat hai

Sometimes it feels
you and me should meet
such thought should occur to us
But we have time for such thoughts

magar jab sangdil duniya mera dil tordhti hai toh
koi ummeed chalte chalte
jab muh mordhti hai toh
kabhi koi khushi ka phool
jab is dil mein khilta hai
kabhi jab mujhko apne zehen se
koi khayal inaam milta hai
kabhi jo ek tamanna puri hone se
yeh dil khali sa hota hai
kabhi jab dard aa kar akhoan par mooti pirota hai
toh yeh ehsaas hota hai
khushi ho, gham ho, herat ho,
koi jasba ho
isme jab kahi ek moordh aaye toh
wahan palbhar ko
saari duniya piche chuth jaati hai
wahan palbhar ko
yeh katputli jesi zindagi ki
doori-doori tooth jati hai
mujhe us moordh par
bas ek tumhari hi zarurat hai
magar yeh zindagi ki khoobsurat ek hakikat hai
ki meri raah mein jab aisa koi moordh aaya hai
toh har us moordh par main ne
tumhe HUMRAH paya hai

when the heartless world breaks my heart
some hope walking towards me
turns its face away
when the flowers of happiness
blossom in my heart
whenever i receive from my mind
a thought as a gift
when a desire is fulfilled
and my heart fills with contentment
when pain comes and threads my eyes with tears
a feeling encapsulates me-
whether happiness, sadness or shock
or any other feeling
if there ever comes a crossroad
at that moment in time
the entire world gets left behind.
At that moment in time
this puppet like life
its threads break away
At that crossroad
you are all that I need
And this is the beautiful truth about life
that whenever in my path this crossroad has come
at very one of those crossroads
I have found you as my companion.

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