Naturally Badass

Yes, yes, we are celebrating women.
Everyday when we wake up and line our eyes with kohl, we are celebrating our eyes; draping ourselves in colored fabrics, celebrating our curves; washing our hair to shine those tresses, we are celebrating what the poets call ‘zalim gesuon’ or cruel tresses.
The eyes are often referred to as the goblet of wine, able to slay with one look.

Un ras bhari aakhon mein haya khel rahi hai
Do zeher ke pyalon mein kaza khel rahi hai
Akhar Shirani

In those nectar filled eyes, shyness plays around
Like in two goblets of poison, death is playing around
 Ada, or andaz of women, often called innocent yet badass:

Is sadgi pe kaun na mar jaaye ae khuda
ladte hai aur haath mein talwar bhi nahi
Mirza Ghalib

For this simplicity who will not lay their life o lord
They fight without even a weapon in hand
And poets have never been more kind to the lips, entitling them with the power to change seasons.

Yun Muskuraye jaan si kaliyon pe padh gayi
Yun lab-kusha huye ki gulistaan bana diya
Asghar Gondvi

You smiled, like life falling on those buds
As you open your lips, blossomed gardens all around
The chivalry of these words, strengthens my view that women should be celebrated, recognized, honoured and acknowledged. Not just by men, but more by women themselves.
To all the badass women in my world, I celebrate those arms you think are too fat, those eyes you think need to be kohled or look too ordinary, your hair and its waves that you think need to be straightened, those breasts you think are a size too big and that backside you wrap with pants too loose, hiding its curves into oblivion.
Badass captured by Alicia Keys, in a new promotional video for tight jeans, with her song 28000 days playing in the background.
If you have the time and have not watched this video, please do. I simply adore it!
Also this one, on aging gracefully!

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