estranged…..I wasn’t aware there was a word to capture the emotion.
At first I shied away from using it, hiding it like a bad scar underneath layers of fabric.Maybe it was the eyes that gave it away, or that forced smile. May be it was that I held my head too high, or didn’t have anyone calling me to find out what time I will be home.
estranged….I started getting comfortable with it.
No longer a scar, it was a shield now. I used it to protect, conserve, and deflect. An exercise in self preservation. Yielded every time my conviction or perseverance was challenged. Too young they said.
estranged…it then became a badge.
I grew comfortable with it. It slipped out with ease and let them know I was at peace with it. The effortlessness of using the word made some cringe, left others shocked at how normal it was for me to use it.
estranged….it became redundant.
I didn’t need to use the word no more. I had allowed the scar to be part of the past. As I let myself be at peace with it, the confused looks disappeared, the quizzical open ended questions stopped and it just became another word.
This weeks Urdu Shayari is called The ‘Use By Date’ By Gulzar that appears in his book Neglected Poems. He mentions how medicines putrefy after their use by date, just like words I would say.

Woh jo ek miyaad thi na -By Gulzar


Woh jo ek miyaad thi na
Istamaal ki-
Woh guzar chuki!!
Dava ki shishiyon par likhi jaati hai is liye
Miyaad baad istamaal karne se
Davayiyan bhi baasi hone lagti hai
Phir koyi ilaaj kar nahin paati
Phir bhi tark na huyi toh zeher banne lagti hai.

Baasi ho chuke mazhabon kai aitakaad sab
woh jo ek miyaad thi na, istamaal ki
Woh guzar chuki.

Translation By Pavan Varma
You Know,
That ‘use by’ date….
That date has expired
It is written on medicine bottles only because
Once that date is over,
Even the medicines putrefy.
Then they cannot cure
And if still not abandoned
They become poison.
All the values that animated religions
Have putrefied
That ‘use by’ date that we spoke of
That date has expired!!
Here is the link to watch this poem being recited : VIDEO LINK.

11 thoughts on “Estrangement”

  1. Estranged-Marvellous.I saw the video and I loved the way you recited it..
    So true ! ‘Wo jo ek miyaad thi na”
    Verily,slowly and gradually not only the medicines but even words lose their importance.But the most dejecting feeling occurs when we replace the word ‘medicine’ by ‘people’

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks sharing. It is not merely the medicine which loses its purity and becomes poison after the destined time is over, it could also be used for a thought or rite or custom which loses its utility and become obsolete and harmful.

    Really a thoughtful poem.

    Liked by 2 people

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