Fallen for a city

Stepping off the train, as you take in the smell of the city
You feel the same comfort as when returning to the arms of a lover

The familiar crossroads, nooks and corners
Feel like the bumps and scars on his face that you are so accustomed to

The sudden downpour that transforms the air
Evokes that feeling when receiving an unexpected compliment from him

The stink, noise, grim and dirt
Are like quirks of his personality you have some to accept and respect

The unyielding parts of the city that refuse to evolve
Elicit the exasperation when having to nag

Visiting familiar places, performing rituals and reliving moments
Are like the different ways that he touches you and knows exactly where to

The many homes, hearths and pillows in that city that await you
Feel like the longing you hear in his voice on the other end of the phone

The chilly December city night sparkling in festive lights
Kindles in you the warmth like when you see him dressed dapper and suave

The familiar regional songs on the radio as you drive to the airport
Sting like when you hear his voice after what seems an eternity

Bidding goodbye to the city in a torrential downpour that refuses to stop
Aches like having to go separate ways,
Waiting and wanting him to stop you
Asking you to stay.

Part of the NaPoWriMo series

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