Momos, soft and supple,
waiting to be dunked in scarlet red sauce
But that cheese in the deep fried kind of momos is such a misfit

Thin wafer like pizzas
With the delicately spiced herbs
And when tikka flavored chicken is sprinkled on it, such a misfit

Cold creamy kulfi
On a stick eaten on sultry summer nights
But when the mango kulfi is merged with chili, such a misfit

Soft fluffy Poha
Sometimes with anaar, sometimes with aloo
Suddenly when curry leaves emerge from it, such a misfit

Hot bubbling Maggi
In a big bowl, soupy and steamy
When stuffed inside a samosa as a filling, such a misfit

Succulent Gulab Jamuns
In the perfect sweet syrup
When find their way into a cheesecake, such a misfit

Crispy roasted dosas
Drizzled with white butter
When stuffed with chinese Szechwan noodles, such a misfit

Freshly made pan
Made glorious with the concoction of choona, kattha and supari
Then dunked in chocolate syrup so rudely, such a misfit

Bento boxes in an indian railway compartment
Khakras on the bullet train from tokyo to kyoto

A bottle of Prosecco on the ride up to the Nilgiri Hills
A pitcher of buttermilk on the drive into Tuscany


Part of the #NaPoWriMo Series

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