A warm reassuring presence those initial years
Sometimes the parents’, sometimes the new spouse’s, or the new best friend
Dispelling doubts, bolstering spirits

A cause of annoyance and irritation
As the shadows lurk around as you talk endlessly on the phone
Hide love letters and secretly make eye contact

A faithful presence that guides and counsels
Watching acutely as you make life choices
Emboldened by the warmth of that shadow

A cause of great frustration and disappointment
When it is overly cautious even risk averse
Urging you to weigh and measure before the plunge

A form of despair and distress
As you try to break free of it of its once reassuring grasp
Stepping out of the large space it occupies

A familiar space that you return to
Sometimes when the cards life has dealt you seem unfair
Other times to vent, to release the unpleasantness

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