Growing Old

Deciding to skip the party,
Instead choosing to stay home and order in.
When meeting old friends that feature in your wildest stories,
Omitting the itinerary, making no plans, simply being together.
Having the freedom to wear what you like, go wherever you want,
And then deciding on a long drive to catch the sunset.
Looking at your image in the mirror,
Enjoying the crowbars that smile back at you,
Watching the same body with love than loathe.

Having shared history with those you never thought of much initially,
Reminiscing the ebb and flow of their lives as it plays out.
Letting those you taught teach you,
Watch them struggle and grow, as they figure it out.
Simply close your eyes and upon seeing the younger you
Wanting to reach out and tell her

It isn’t going to be easy like Sunday mornings
But when did we ever choose easy.

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