Things I want for you

To find what you love doing and get to do it
Once you have done it, find more things you love and get to do them as well
To find yourself surrounded by people invested in you wholly
Have them listen to your silence as much as your words
To find the resources to make, build, create everything that you want
And to have the mind space to do it with all your heart
To know yourself, become more aware of the good, the bad and the ugly
And to then take agency of who you want to become
To get acknowledged, get fame, get rewards
And yet be true to yourself in all its midst

Things I want with you

To go to places at the edge of this earth
Simply to savour a cup of chai
To see beautiful places, things, people with you
And share the joy in knowing that beauty exists
To conjure up projects to work on together
And make them see the light of the day
To constantly question, enquire, explore and think
And deepen the meaning of life
To learn with you and uncover secret knowledge hidden in this world
And with that knowledge create something anew

Things I want because of you

To spend more time with me
Than be someone else’s entertainment of the day
To use my hands more,
And when using my hands, be meticulous, be precise
To not sweat the small stuff
Float sometimes and let things ripen and evolve
To believe that I too am an artist
And that my words are instruments
To keep the creative juices active
And taking pride in everything past, present and future

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