Addicted to Adulation
He holds onto the image
Created with their faith, Cemented by their admiration
Sitting still on a pedestal, he reaps faith, offers advice
Watching them all sway in awe

Always the patient ear
Never the judgemental tone
Smiling with warm eyes
All ears all the time, listening with intent
Patience, experience, wisdom
Collecting and safe keeping others pain
Gathering their stories
Bookkeeping victories and failures

As the wheels of time keep moving
Admirers scale heights, take plunges, rise and fall
What now defines his identity
Words filled with praise,
References to the past
Recollection of moments shared
Or romanticised nostalgic anecdotes

As he waits for the reply to that letter
Posted in hope,
Seeping with trust,
His eyes wander to the window by the bay
To the bird soaring high
High up, all alone.

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