I find myself drawn to words.

I like how they sound as they roll off the lips, how they are often able to encapsulate a complex emotion, or become an reminder of a moment gone by.

On this blog you can find my expressions through various forms of writings; poems, letters, and sometimes a string of words simply scattered on a page attempting to capture my thoughts.

Bikhre Lavz: Scattered words

Urdu & me

My childhood in retrospective was filled with the soft melodies emanating from Vividh Bharthi,  a channel on the Indian national radio. These came from an archaic looking transistor in my mothers quarters.

Although I have explored different genres of Jazz, Soft Rock, Tamil tapang, Celtic, EDM and even fusion music, it is Sufi music that tugs at the heart relentlessly, simply making perfect sense.

A very integral part of that music is Urdu poetry. In the humdrum of academia and busy consuming mostly literature in English, Urdu fell by the way side.

I return to this ancient language through the several transliterations of Urdu poems that feature on this blog.