About: transliterations

This is an attempt in transliteration for those who would like to read Urdu poetry and not just the translated versions of the poems/verses/stories.

A dear friend of mine gifted me a song for my birthday, the words were Malayalam and the tune one of his own. While he translated the words for me, it pained him that English was not doing justice to the true meaning of the words.

While our exposure to Hindi movies and music, lets most of us understand the words, the availability of poetry in Hindi or Urdu script, stops us from diving deeper.

This blog converts the poems, i.e. transliterates the poems from Hindi or Urdu into English text. This I hope will bring the original words closer to the enthusiast.


My view on translation is borrowed from what i heard Pavan Verma (author and translator for Gulzar) once said,

Though translations cannot capture the true essence, they break the language barrier that stops us from accessing literature or poetry of another language.

Thus I have added translation wherever possible.

Bikhre Lavz: Scattered Words….

11 thoughts on “About: transliterations”

  1. Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog. It’s amazing that you’re translating such beautiful poetry so that others can read and enjoy it as well, keep up the good work 🙂

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  2. Mehar: I am a regular commenter in baradwaj rangan ‘s blog. I don’t know if you read it regularly.

    Your recent comments in the museum thread has been hijacked by a creepy guy called apex. I am not sure if you are following it still.

    However I wanted to apologize for such treatment there. It used to be a remarkably decent place. Please drop in a line if you can.


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