Tu hai yaha

Sunday morning, as the temperature soars to 40 degrees celsius, I realise its the season when the days seem to start early and go on forever. I search for playlists online to fill the room with melody. I chance upon the name 'Ankur Tiwari', somewhere buried in the credits for the songs he has created… Continue reading Tu hai yaha


What can a change in weather trigger? A tirade of memories, a sense of longing or a stomach full of butterflies. If life is an adventure and the call of the new keeps the wheels in motion, then a sudden change in atmosphere, a low pressure hanging over the Arabian sea, something very banal and… Continue reading Mausam


I always thought that scenes in the movies when the protagonists stood looking over themselves was a little far fetched till I found myself in that very same balcony where it all started. ┬áThere I was looking at myself ....at the scene when we sat there making plans, giving final touches to something that was… Continue reading Wandering