Fallen for a city

Stepping off the train, as you take in the smell of the city You feel the same comfort as when returning to the arms of a lover The familiar crossroads, nooks and corners Feel like the bumps and scars on his face that you are so accustomed to The sudden downpour that transforms the air… Continue reading Fallen for a city


What can a change in weather trigger? A tirade of memories, a sense of longing or a stomach full of butterflies. If life is an adventure and the call of the new keeps the wheels in motion, then a sudden change in atmosphere, a low pressure hanging over the Arabian sea, something very banal and… Continue reading Mausam

Celebrating Poetry

Bangalore was treated to a host of poets and their original works from across the nation at the 2 day poetry festival, at Leela Palace this weekend. The Bangalore Poetry Festival was an initiative by Atta Galatta, a beautiful bookstore with a focus on Indian Vernacular Writing, while also being a venue for literary, art… Continue reading Celebrating Poetry