Enjoying a cup of steaming coffee Looking outside at the rather unchanged view from my balcony The mind wanders to the hills and its moss covered  pathways, A longing for the cool winds and smell of the earth takes over. Late at night on the rooftop looking at the city slowly going to sleep Wondering… Continue reading Ambivalence


I first encountered individualism when I got acquainted with Howard Roark. The queen of individualism, Ayn Rand was definitely one of the many writers I held close to my heart as a young girl just starting college. An individual's opinions, their choices and their struggles are unique, although subjective and yet a fundamental right in… Continue reading Chaavi

A poem from Triveni

Original in Urdu زلف میں یوں  چمک رہی ہے بوند جیسے پڑھ میں تنہا ایک جگنو کیا بورا ہے جو چاہت ٹپکتی ہے Transliteration Zulf mein yun chamak rahi hai boond, Jese pedh mein tanha ek jugnu Kya bura hai jo chaahat tapakti hai! Translation In the tresses of her hair shines a drop of water… Continue reading A poem from Triveni