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My wish for you is long journeys that take you to far off places,
That you discover the unknown and find this unknown in unexpected places.

I wish for you to meet gentle souls who make you feel good about yourself,
souls that accept your quirks and celebrate you, for being you.

I wish for you fame and success, achievements filled with satisfaction
That your find your passion and the strength as well to pursue it.

I wish for you to find your perfect song that tugs at your heart
that saves you on slow rainy days from the voices in your head.

But above all I wish you find true love.

And that when it arrives at your doorstep, I wish you embrace it without blinking an eyelid.


We desire so many things for ourselves and then we sometimes stop and put a wish out there for those we love, care and feel for.

The words above are written for 2 endearing young souls part of my life and my wish for them. 

Encompassing this week’s emotion of true love, is a poem by Faiz. True love, rare and precious and often times indefinable.

Jo Mera Tumhara Rishta Hai

Faiz Ahmed Faiz


Mein kya likhun ke jo mera tumhara rishta hai
wo ashiqi ki zuban me kahin bhi darj nahi
likha gaya hai bohot lutf-e-wasl-o-dard-e-firaq
magar ye kaifiyat apni raqam nahi hai kahin
ye apna ishq hum aaghosh jis mein hijr-o-wisal
ye apna dard ke hai kab se humdam maah-o-saal
is ishq-e khaas ko har ek se chhupaye huay
guzar gaya hai zamana gale lagaye huay


What should I write about this relationship of ours?
In the language of love nowhere is it inscribed.
Much has been written about the joy of union and the pain of separation,
But my state of mind has never been described.
Our love in whose embrace both  absence and presence entwine,
Our pain, an old friend, that has been our companion for years on end,
A love so special that has been concealed from all,
Held in embrace since an age gone by.



i am You beloved

In Eastern poetry, love is treated like a ‘nasha’, an aphrodisiac, or a ‘fitoor’ or madness that is all consuming, a feeling that envelopes you like a thick cloud. The beloved becomes everything, and you the one who offers that love is nothing.

Yet it gives you meaning, an identity and a purpose. You are you because you love.

As Mansur al-Hallaj wrote:

I am He whom I love,
and He whom I love is I:
We are two spirits
dwelling in one body.
If you see me,
you see Him,
And if you see Him,
you see us both.

Sundown Nilgiris Hills


This love was not just between man and woman, but also, guru and shishya: like in the case of Amir Khusrau and Nizaamuddin Aulia, between man and Khuda(God), as seen in the works of Rumi, or citizen and country as seen with Pablo Neruda.

Many poems and works of music encompass this all engulfing love,  but this poem, which I now listen to over and over through the song sung by Meesha Shafi, captures the most powerful emotions that come with love.

It captures longing and distance, memory and union, and the comfort of those eyes and moving lips that you long to lay your sight on. This love gives, does not ask, it breathes in your existence, celebrates you and simply stands by offering everything it has.

My first post of the year, I start with Faiz.



Dasht-e-tanhayee Mein
Aye Jaan-e-jahaan Larzaan Hai

Teri Aawaaz Ke Saaye
Tere Honton Ke Seraab

In the desert of my solitude,
oh love of my life, Quiver

the shadows of your voice,
the mirage of your lips.

Dasht-e-tanhayee Mein
Doori Ke Khas-o-khaak Talei
Khil Rahe Hain Tere Pehlu Ke Saman Aur Gulaab

In the desert of my solitude,
beneath the dust and ashes of distance,
bloom the jasmines and roses of your proximity.

Uth Rahi Hai Kahin Qurbat Se
Teri Saans Ki Aanch
Apni Khushboo Mein Sulaghti Huee
Maddham, Maddham…
Door Fuq Paar Chamakti Hui
Qatra Qatra…
Gir Rahi Hai Teri Dildaar Nazar Ki Shabnam

From somewhere very close,
rises the warmth of your breath,
smoldering in its own aroma,
slowly, bit by bit.
Far away, across the horizon, glistens
drop by drop
the falling dew of your beguiling glance

Is Qadar Pyaar Se
Aye Jaan-e-jahaan Rakkha Hai
Dil Ke Rukhsaar Pe Is Waqt
Teri Yaad Ne Haath
Yunh Ghumaan Hota Hai
Garje Hai Abhi Subh-e-firaaq
Dhal Gaya Hijr Ka Din Aaa Bhi Gayi Wasl-ki-raat

With such tenderness, O love of my life,
on the cheek of my heart,
has your memory placed its hand right now
that it looks as if
(though it’s still the dawn of adieu)
the sun of separation has set
and the night of union has arrived.

Dasht-e-tanhayee Mein
Aye Jaan-e-jahan Larzaan Hai
Teri Aawaaz Ke Saaye
Tere Honton Ke Seraab

In the desert of my solitude,
oh love of my life, Quiver
the shadows of your voice,
the mirage of your lips.

The beautiful video, which I must confess I watched at least 15 times while writing this post. Not just for the words and music, but for Meesha Shafi, her voice and those red lips.

May you be surrounded with love this year or become the all-encompassing lover!