Enjoying a cup of steaming coffee Looking outside at the rather unchanged view from my balcony The mind wanders to the hills and its moss coveredĀ  pathways, A longing for the cool winds and smell of the earth takes over. Late at night on the rooftop looking at the city slowly going to sleep Wondering… Continue reading Ambivalence

The Price

It starts as an innocent pursuit, a humble desire akin to a butterfly in its cocoon, small and vulnerable. Affirmations act like the morning sun, small victories like spring water, and hope as fresh air. Riding on a wave of dreams and aspirations, each obstacle seems like a chance to prove your mettle and every… Continue reading The Price

it found me

In the dusty bookshelf of a rare old bookshop, while looking for books on baking, Italian cooking, quick-prep dinner recipes and Jamie Oliver food porn, the most beautifully illustrated book of Rumi poetry lay waiting for me. Maybe it found me. Or I was ready to find it. In a home store filled with soft… Continue reading it found me