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Naturally Badass

redlipsYes, yes, we are celebrating women.

Everyday when we wake up and line our eyes with kohl, we are celebrating our eyes; draping ourselves in colored fabrics, celebrating our curves; washing our hair to shine those tresses, we are celebrating what the poets call ‘zalim gesuon’ or cruel tresses.

The eyes are often referred to as the goblet of wine, able to slay with one look.

Un ras bhari aakhon mein haya khel rahi hai
Do zeher ke pyalon mein kaza khel rahi hai
Akhar Shirani

In those nectar filled eyes, shyness plays around
Like in two goblets of poison, death is playing around

 Ada, or andaz of women, often called innocent yet badass:

Is sadgi pe kaun na mar jaaye ae khuda
ladte hai aur haath mein talwar bhi nahi
Mirza Ghalib

For this simplicity who will not lay their life o lord
They fight without even a weapon in hand

And poets have never been more kind to the lips, entitling them with the power to change seasons.

Yun Muskuraye jaan si kaliyon pe padh gayi
Yun lab-kusha huye ki gulistaan bana diya
Asghar Gondvi

You smiled, like life falling on those buds
As you open your lips, blossomed gardens all around

The chivalry of these words, strengthens my view that women should be celebrated, recognized, honored and acknowledged. Not just by men, but more by women themselves.

To all the badass women in my world, I celebrate those arms you think are too fat, those eyes you think need to be kohled or look too ordinary, your hair and its waves that you think need to be straightened, those breasts you think are a size too big and that backside you wrap with pants too loose, hiding its curves into oblivion.

Badass captured by Alicia Keys, in a new promotional video for tight jeans, with her song 28000 days playing in the background.


If you have the time and have not watched this video, please do. I simply adore it!

Also this one, on aging gracefully!


Uth meri jaan….Get up my love!

Aurat…..Every Woman

Long past the decided day for women’s day, past the discount offers and the free health check ups, a small group of quietly confident women met at the Google office in Bangalore. Determined to learn, they were all gathered there to understand a world of technology that is fast paced and sometimes confusing. And helping these women were also a group of women who had overcome, who had been through fire and were telling the tale of their wounds and trophies. Supported by the WOW: women on the web group, the DevfestW made it possible.

I dedicate this poem to those lovely women and to all  women anywhere in the world, women who take initiative, who want to constantly learn while being herself.

A little history and background of this poem. Kaifi Azmi, a progressive thinker and wonderful poet wrote this poem in the year 1942. Much before his contemporaries thought about these emotions or the writers of today were born. He does not plead, he commands you in this poem to take charge.

But to me every time i read it (I have read it about scores of times by now), it is LIFE itself that is saying, “Get up my love! you have to walk with me.”

Due to the length of the poem, i have alternated the transliteration and the translation, to make it easier for you the reader!

Aurat by Kaifi Azmi

Uth merii jaan! mere saath hii chalnaa hai tujhe

qalb-e-mahoul mein larzaan shar-re-jang hain aaj
hausley waqt ke aur ziist ke yakrang hain aaj
aabgiinon mein tapan walwale-e- sang hain aaj
husn aur ishq ham aawaaz-o-hum aahang hain aaj

Jis mein jaltaa hu usi aag mein jalnaa hai tujhe
Uth merii jaan! mere saath hii chalnaa hai tujhe

Get up, my love! for now you must walk with me!

Flames of war are ablaze in our world today
Time and fate have the same aspirations today
The wine decanters hiss with the lava that is full of gusto
Beauty and love have one life and one soul today

You too have to be ignited by the fire that burns me
Get up, my love! for now you have to walk with me

zindagii jehad mein hai sabr ke qaabuu mein nahiin
Nabz-e-hastii kaa lahuu kaamptii aansuu mein nahii
Urdne khulne mein hai nakhat kham-e-gesu mein nahiin
jannat ek aur hai jo mard ke pehlu mein nahiin

uskii aazaad ravish par bhii machalnaa hai tujhe
Uth merii jaan! mere saath hii chalnaa hai tujhe

Life is in struggle, not in the restraint of patience
The blood of pulsating life is not in trembling tears
Fragrance lies in free-flight, not in the tresses of your hair
There is another Paradise which is not by the side of men

On its free pathways too you have yet to pirouette
Get up, my love! for now you have to walk with me

women, working woman, feminism, quarry woman, women's day, women day international

goshey goshey mein sulagtii hai chitaa tere liye
farz kaa bhes badaltii hai qazaa tere liye
Keher hai terii har narm adaa tere liye
zahar hii zahar hai duniyaa kii havaa tere liye

rut badal daal agar phuulnaa phalnaa hai tujhe
Uth merii jaan! mere saath hii chalnaa hai tujhe

For you burning pyres wait at every corner
death disguised as duty keeps changing its masks
your every delicate gesture becomes a curse for you
nothing but poison for you in these worldly winds

Change the season if you wish to flourish
Get up, my love! for now you have to walk with me

qadr ab tak terii tarriikh ne jaanii hii nahiin
tujh mein shole bhii hain bas ashkfishaanii hii nahiin
tu haqiiqat bhii hai dilchasp kahaanii hii nahiin
terii hastii bhii hai ik chiiz javaanii hii nahiin

apnii tarrikh kaa unvaan badalnaa hai tujhe
Uth merii jaan! mere saath hii chalnaa hai tujhe

History has not known your worth thus far
You have burning embers too, not merely tears
You’re reality too, not a mere amusing anecdote
Your personality is something too, not just your youth

You’ve to change the title of your history
Get up, my love! for now you have to walk with me

tod kar rasm ke but bande-qadamat se nikal
zof-e-ishrat se nikal, vaham-e-nazaakat se nikal
nafs ke khiinche hue halq-e-azmal se nikal
yeh bhii ek qaid hii hai, qaid-e-muhabbat se nikal

raah kaa khaar hii kyaa gul bhii kuchalnaa hai tujhe
Uth merii jaan! mere saath hii chalnaa hai tujhe

Emerge out of ancient bondage, break the idols of tradition,
the weakness of pleasure, this mirage of fragility
these self-drawn boundaries of imagined greatness
the bondage of love, for this too is a bondage

Not merely the thorns on the path but you have to trample on flowers too
Get up, my love, for now you have to walk with me

tod yeh azm-shikan dagdag-e-pand bhii tord
terii khaatir hai jo zanjiir vah saugandh bhii tord
tauq yeh bhii zammruud kaa gulband bhii tor
tod paimana-e-mardaan-e-khirdmand bhii tor

banke toofan chhalaknaa hai ubalnaa hai tujhe
Uth merii jaan! mere saath hii chalnaa hai tujhe

Shatter these resolve breaking suspicions of sermons
these vows that have become shackles
this too, this necklace of emeralds
these standards set by the wise men

You have to turn into a tempest, bubble and boil over
Get up, my love! for now you have to walk with me

tuu falaatuno-arastuu haii tuu zohraa parviin
tere qabze mein hai garduun, terii thokar mein zamiin
haan, uthaa, jald uthaa paae-muqqadar se jabiin
main bhii rukne kaa nahii waqt bhii rukne kaa nahiin

larkharaayegii kahaan tak ki sambhalnaa hai tujhe
Uth merii jaan! mere saath hii chalnaa hai tujhe

You are Aristotle’s philosophy, Venus, Pleiades’s
You control the sky, the earth at your feet
Yes, raise, fast, raise your forehead from the feet of fate
I too am not going to pause, nor will time

How long would you falter, you have to be firm
Get up, my love! for now you have to walk with me.

I am ending this post with this lovely video i found on you tube, about women past and present, iconic.