A warm reassuring presence those initial years Sometimes the parents’, sometimes the new spouse’s, or the new best friend Dispelling doubts, bolstering spirits A cause of annoyance and irritation As the shadows lurk around as you talk endlessly on the phone Hide love letters and secretly make eye contact A faithful presence that guides and… Continue reading Shadows

Gentle Giant

I write this for you, for when you mind worries, your heart aches or you sometimes feel that maybe you did not do right by him. I hope that it reminds you that there lies no ounce of truth in that thought. And that these words form a balm to those painful moments. ------------------ He… Continue reading Gentle Giant

Beatify or Demonify

I am looking for that flawless symbol, like sterling gold, To place them on a pedestal, and wait for them to show me the light, Never swayed by temptation and never choosing the line of least resistance. For faith requires to believe in the unblemished, the wise and the faultless, In those who when at the crossroad,… Continue reading Beatify or Demonify