Tu hai yaha

Sunday morning, as the temperature soars to 40 degrees celsius, I realise its the season when the days seem to start early and go on forever. I search for playlists online to fill the room with melody. I chance upon the name 'Ankur Tiwari', somewhere buried in the credits for the songs he has created… Continue reading Tu hai yaha


What can a change in weather trigger? A tirade of memories, a sense of longing or a stomach full of butterflies. If life is an adventure and the call of the new keeps the wheels in motion, then a sudden change in atmosphere, a low pressure hanging over the Arabian sea, something very banal and… Continue reading Mausam

Beatify or Demonify

I am looking for that flawless symbol, like sterling gold, To place them on a pedestal, and wait for them to show me the light, Never swayed by temptation and never choosing the line of least resistance. For faith requires to believe in the unblemished, the wise and the faultless, In those who when at the crossroad,… Continue reading Beatify or Demonify

That moment

Life in the city demands from us long rides, sitting ideally as we wait for the traffic to move, or holding the clutch ever so slightly, ready to accelerate as soon as we see any movement ahead of us. On days that I find myself looking ahead for far too long at the endless line… Continue reading That moment