What do you see?

Misplacing things habitually, making faux passes in public, and then tripping on things, that lie right in front of me! I fidget with new things, store old trash, cling on to my past and refuse to see beyond today! I always wondered what you saw in this piece of imperfection, that constantly drives the boundaries… Continue reading What do you see?


The madman, his eyes gleaming and bloodshot, his muscles tense, sweat streaming down his face drives into the crowd. This haunting image is seen on screens, hundreds and hundreds of miles away almost instantly. Misery is not just surrounding us, it reaches us instantly on our screens through news channels, apps and alerts. Closer home,… Continue reading Touchstone


I first encountered individualism when I got acquainted with Howard Roark. The queen of individualism, Ayn Rand was definitely one of the many writers I held close to my heart as a young girl just starting college. An individual's opinions, their choices and their struggles are unique, although subjective and yet a fundamental right in… Continue reading Chaavi