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A poem from Triveni

Original in Urdu

زلف میں یوں  چمک رہی ہے بوند

جیسے پڑھ میں تنہا ایک جگنو

کیا بورا ہے جو چاہت ٹپکتی ہے




Zulf mein yun chamak rahi hai boond,
Jese pedh mein tanha ek jugnu

Kya bura hai jo chaahat tapakti hai!



In the tresses of her hair shines a drop of water
Like a lonely firefly on a tree

Is it wrong that desire drips


Bosky Ke Liye

At the beginning of his book Triveni, his dedication to his daughter…

Bosky Ke Liye: 


Kuch khwaboan ke qath in mein
Kuch chaand ke aaine
Suraj ki shayari hai
Shayroan kai lifafe hai,
Kuch mere tajurbe hai,
Kuch meri duyaein hai
Nikloge safar pe jab
Yeh sath mein le lena
Shayad kahi kaam aaye.




Some letters from dreams
some mirrors from the moon
The Sun’s poetry
Envelopes full of  poems
some of my experiences
some filled with my blessings
When you leave on your journey
take them along
they might come handy