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Insignificantly Significant

Have you ever had a small little itch on that unreachable spot on your back that you fingers just cant reach? Its a sweet little itch that just needs to be satiated by a quick movement of fingers, a devious little chivvy that needs to be fed instantly irrespective of it being inaccessible.

Just at that moment, do you have someone next to you, who you unabashedly ask to reach out and put that fire out on your back? Ask them to help scratch that sweet spot and put you out of your misery?

When you put on that dress with buttons at the back or a zipper as long as a river, do you walk into the next room and have someone zip you up, saving you all the circus you would have had to perform getting the hooks to hinge into the right loops?

Or when eating your meal, made sumptuous with your favorite pickle, at the end when just a few morsels are left, do you reach out into the plate of that someone and borrow a little pickle to save you a trip back into the cabinet?

Do you find sometimes that after your desk has been cleaned (despite your protests), when you reach out for a pencil, you find that all your blunt pencils have been sharpened and lined up, ready to write and scribble?

In between a slow sluggish weekday, after cleaning up, stacking all the vessels and finishing a meal of leftovers, to brighten up your night, almost magically 2 rich dark chocolate ice-cream bars lie in the deep freeze waiting for you to discover them.

Does someone volunteer to hold the heavier bag, serve you the bigger piece of fish, drive the car when your shoulder aches, or is standing there to pick you up from late night dance sessions, even without being asked?

The insignificantly small, most often taken for granted, deeply missed when gone, and tremendously significant forms of love…..

This week’s poem is by a woman poet, Parveen Shakir. She talks of subtle love and its nuances  and of the embrace that is omnipresent.


Chehra mera tha nigahen us ki
Khamushi main bhi wo baten us ki,

Mere chehre pe gazal likhti gaiee
Sher kahti hui ankhen us ki,

Shokh lamhon ka pata dene lagin
Tez hoti hui sansen us ki,

Aise mausam bhi guzaare ham ne
Subhen jab apni thi shamain us ki,

Faisala mauj-e-hawa ne likkha
Andhiyan meri baharen us ki,

Nind is soch se tuti aksar
Kis tarah kattati hain ratien us ki.

Dur rah kar bhi sada rahti hai
Mujh ko thame hue bahen us ki.


The face was mine, the eyes his
Even in silence the words were his

On my face poetry was penned
By the couplets narrated by his eyes

The existence of naughty moments
Was revealed by the increasing pace of his breath

Such seasons too have I seen
When mornings were mine but evening his have been

The trance filled winds decreed
The high winds are mine and the springs are his

Often startled I awake from my sleep
Wondering how this night passes for him.

Even If I stay forever away
Holding me in embrace his arms stay.

Do watch this beautiful video on Love.

For more images from the Korean artist Puuuung on simple moments on love: Check her Fb page: https://www.facebook.com/puuung1/photos



My wish for you is long journeys that take you to far off places,
That you discover the unknown and find this unknown in unexpected places.

I wish for you to meet gentle souls who make you feel good about yourself,
souls that accept your quirks and celebrate you, for being you.

I wish for you fame and success, achievements filled with satisfaction
That your find your passion and the strength as well to pursue it.

I wish for you to find your perfect song that tugs at your heart
that saves you on slow rainy days from the voices in your head.

But above all I wish you find true love.

And that when it arrives at your doorstep, I wish you embrace it without blinking an eyelid.


We desire so many things for ourselves and then we sometimes stop and put a wish out there for those we love, care and feel for.

The words above are written for 2 endearing young souls part of my life and my wish for them. 

Encompassing this week’s emotion of true love, is a poem by Faiz. True love, rare and precious and often times indefinable.

Jo Mera Tumhara Rishta Hai

Faiz Ahmed Faiz


Mein kya likhun ke jo mera tumhara rishta hai
wo ashiqi ki zuban me kahin bhi darj nahi
likha gaya hai bohot lutf-e-wasl-o-dard-e-firaq
magar ye kaifiyat apni raqam nahi hai kahin
ye apna ishq hum aaghosh jis mein hijr-o-wisal
ye apna dard ke hai kab se humdam maah-o-saal
is ishq-e khaas ko har ek se chhupaye huay
guzar gaya hai zamana gale lagaye huay


What should I write about this relationship of ours?
In the language of love nowhere is it inscribed.
Much has been written about the joy of union and the pain of separation,
But my state of mind has never been described.
Our love in whose embrace both  absence and presence entwine,
Our pain, an old friend, that has been our companion for years on end,
A love so special that has been concealed from all,
Held in embrace since an age gone by.