Bahaav: The Flow Numerous discontinued blogs, unfinished poems, stories waiting to be written; the flow of life is interrupted by the winds that guide us. Over the last 6 months, the flow of my life has been touched not by chaos but by a sense of  quietness. So used to constant chaos, I shut myself from all… Continue reading Bahaav

Ajeeb Kissa Hai

Nothing stung my country this year more than some very essential human rights demands. Safety of women and the verdict on section 377 of the Indian Penal court, opened raw wounds and spread a cloud of despair and anger. When I think of landmark judgements in history: women's right to vote, apartheid, African-American civil rights, Indian… Continue reading Ajeeb Kissa Hai


When I will look back on his post, after an evening spent with friends and family, drowned in their stories, jaw hurting from all the laughter, I will be reminded of the days I spent by myself. Thinking , contemplating, reading or day-dreaming. The poem encapsulates the feeling when they were not around, when I… Continue reading Kaash….


Thoughts rally us around, sometimes in circles, other times in a whirlpool. The mind runs away from us, with thoughts that we have no control of. We over think, over analyse, interpreting words and actions in our mind. I am guilty of this sometimes too often, finding myself drowning in my thoughts, feeling listless and… Continue reading Soch