do Lavz….two words

I call myself Some…..a simple 4 letter word.

It means I am unspecified.
Although I do mean things,
they are just unspecified at the moment.

These undefined things made up of a few outlines,
include the undefined place I come from
or the undetermined place of my origin
or most importantly
the unknown places I want to be in.

Like most unspecified things,
I am wondering if I need distinct definitions for who I am.
Ask me now about them,
and I don’t know what those things are!
Until I met you.

I met you, the ‘one’
and together we became someone.
Nothing exemplary, just the two of us,
finding meaning in each other.

I ran into you, ‘where’,
we were known as ‘somewhere’.
And almost instantly, amidst getting to know each other,
we dreamed of all the places we wanted to go to.

I rather unexpectedly found you, ‘times’,
and we were happy sometimes.
For now we could make some exceptions and break the rules,
although not always, just sometimes.

I was surprised when I met you, ‘thing’,
and as a combination, as something.
We floated together,
feeling that we are meant to do at-least something.

I reached out to you, ‘body’,
and after we became somebody.
We could now introduce our self to others,
as unknowns who knew each other.

I was introduced to you, ‘place’,
and then as someplace,
we could talk about that secret place inside our heads,
that we both escape to when in a crowd.

I was delighted to meet you, ‘day’,
because as someday,
we had hope,
we could nurture dreams and make plans.

I met you,
the one who is known as ‘what’,
so that now we can be unabashed and undecided ,
and not take a stand, as we join together as somewhat.

I was happy that you came by,
you who is called ‘way’,
because then as someway,
we know there was no obstacle too hard or challenge too big.

This poem is inspired by Muamma(Riddle), a poem by Javed Akhtar, that is about 2 words or ‘harfs’ meeting, separating and trying to meet again. Although, things, ways, places, times and the one, may eventually leave, a little bit, some of it will always remain that defines us.

By Javed Akhtar

hum dono jo harf hain
hum ek roz mile
ek lafz bana
aur humne ek maani paaye
phir jaane kya hum per guzri aur

The two of us were once just letters
We met one day
And a word was formed
We found a meaning,
Then something happened

ab yun hai
tum ek harf ho ek khaane mein
main ek harf hoon ek khaane mein
beech mein kitne lamhoN ke khaane khaali hain
phir se koi lafz bane
aur hum dono ek maane paayeiN
aesa, ho sakta hai

And now
You are a letter
In one square;
I am a letter
In another square
In between
How many squares of moments lie empty!
Another word can be formed
And we can find a meaning
It can be so

lekin sochnaa hogaa
in khaali khaanoN Mein humeiN bharnaa kya hai…

We have to think
How to fill those empty squares

13 thoughts on “do Lavz….two words”

  1. Absolutely wonderful and unique poem, also thanks for sharing the inspirational poem Muamma by Javed Akhtar …plus the translation which is so important for me as I am not very conversant in Urdu.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your poems are amazing! I saw that you liked my poem and I’m glad you did! I’ve been looking for desi poems and translations without the urdu( can’t read urdu- I speak it tho) and so I kinda fell in love with your blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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