Many years before I knew anything about poets or Urdu shayari, there was a song I loved and watched over and over whenever it played on Chitrahaar. Tum inta joh muskura rahe ho....was simply haunting, clinging on to you even after it ended. In the voice of the iconic ghazal singer Jagjit Singh, the song… Continue reading Kaifi


I have always wondered about companionship in a somewhat cynical way. Most relationships for me are like diving in to dark waters wondering what lies beneath. The fast paced times we live in, with the added thrill of 'smart phones', calendars and reminders, there is additional pressure on the thin strings that hold our relationships.… Continue reading Albatross


Kairos: in Greek literally means when 'the time is right'. What time in the day is your most desired? The quiet moments between sleep and consciousness when you first hear the morning sounds around you or the dead of night when everything has slowed down, and the sound of the cold breeze keeps you ablaze.… Continue reading Kairos

The Ocean Beckons

I returned to the city of djinns, the place i was born, where every summer I collected memories in my subconscious. The city of Mumbai creeps up on you and in me awakened childhood memories of spending summer in this warm ocean front city. The smell of the ocean and the sea breeze hit me… Continue reading The Ocean Beckons