The Journey

My childhood in retrospective was filled with the soft melodies emanating from vividh bharthi,  a channel on the Indian national radio. These came from an archaic looking transistor in my mothers quarters.

After traveling with jazz, soft rock, Hindi movie music, Tamil tapang, Celtic Tunes and  fusion music, I have quietly returned to Sufi music. The tunes tug at my heart relentlessly and simply make perfect sense.

A very integral part of that music is Urdu poetry. In the humdrum of finishing college and then reading hundreds of English novels, Urdu language fell by the way side.


My mother studied in an Urdu medium school, and Urdu literature was always accessible at home but never coveted.

I have returned to continue this journey, to brush up my Urdu reading skills and make this journal a part of that.

It is also an attempt at allowing 2 of my very close friends a chance to access these beautiful verses and enjoy the exceptional beauty of the masters, without me having to  explain it.

Hope you enjoy them. Do send your thoughts…

10 thoughts on “The Journey”

  1. A friend had written this after getting emotional on an incident in which a few men raped a little girl.
    Thought to share with you.

    kuch waqt hua
    hum suntay thay
    kuch kehnay walay kehtay thay,
    ab waqt hua tabdeel bohat
    hua khatam tazaad yeh jinsoon ka
    is Dor e jadeed k logon men
    hai Sha’oor nay sir ko utha hi lia
    K Beta ho ya Beti ho
    hain dono aan gharanay ki
    hain dono shaan zamanay ki
    ab Larki bhi,
    Maa Baap ka fakhar barhae gi
    yeh bhi iskool ko jaegi
    is behtay waqt k dharay men
    khud apna naam banaegi
    hogi yeh baap ka bazoo bhi
    aur bhai ki gherat izzat bhi
    koi gaa’on ho ya ho shehar koi
    ho ghar, iskool ya dafter bhi
    ub Darnay wali baat nahi
    her mard ki hogi asmat yeh
    woh Dor gaya
    jab mard ana k naam pay khud
    apni beti dafnata tha!
    kuch kehnay walay kehtay thay
    tab choti thi
    aur sochti thi
    kab hongi barri k yeh sab daikhon ankhon say,
    Ab hosh sambhala tau jana
    kay jo bhi kehnay walay thay
    bus lafzoon k beiopari thay
    Ibn e Adam,
    kia khaak kabhi tabdeel hua?
    hai ub bhi hawas ka partoo yeh
    hai aaj bhi Hawa ki beti
    her jaa pay ruswa bechari
    koi gaa’oon ho ya ho shehar koi
    ho ghar, iskool ya daftar bhi
    bachi ho, jawaan ho, aurat ho
    koi Maa ho, Behan ho, Beti ho
    Bint e Hawa,
    tau aaj bhi sehmi rehti hai
    khuwa chup hai per
    beti say aaj bhi darta hai
    her baap yahaan!
    jis asmat ka hum suntay thay
    neelam hui bazaaroon men
    hai wehshi darindoon ka jhurmat
    yahan qadam qadam her manzil per
    Ibn e Adam
    bus ghaat lagaye betha hai,
    Men Aurat hoon!
    Aurat ka matlab janti hoon
    bachpan say burhapa lene ki
    bhaari qeemat pehchanti hoon
    her ibn e hawas say waqif hoon
    her aankh ka maqsad janti hoon,
    Men Dor e Jadeed ki Aurat hoon
    is barhana dor e jadeed men main
    Tareekh k warq dohraa’oon gi
    men Apne Hathoon say apni
    ZiNda BETI Dafna’oon gi…………!!!!!

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  2. Pleased to have come by, although my language skills are barely fledgling! It’s a pity because I’m unable to truly appreciate masters like Gulzar or Javed Saab. Good luck to you always, God bless!

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  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog dear…am glad I came across yours that way! Beautiful posts on one of my favorite topics..and the site design is also serene 🙂 Will look forward to your posts. You might find some of my ghazal and storytelling posts interesting..chk out when free. Blessings and Best wishes 🙂

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