An Adventure

An Adventure

Starts with circumstances
Beginning with whatever was dealt
Nothing you could have controlled
Or had the chance to choose

Others join in
Some by chance, some by choice, some by coincidence
Riding alongside you
Companions, compatriots, confidants

Then arrives a conflict
Riddled with confusion, dilemmas and difficulties
Your something precious at stake
Threatened to be taken

You jostle with your demons
Doubt, Stubbornness, Anger and Remorse
That omnipresent voices inside
Conversing in loops

But move you must
For therein lies the sweet pangs of fulfilment
Trudging through the rugged
Overcoming the unforeseen with every breath you take

You take in the view from the top
Reminisce the journey so far
Acknowledge those who never left your side
Take account of the lost and the found

As you sit by the fireside
Recounting the acts in parts
The pain, loss and hardships glorified
Mission accomplished or just a life lived

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